Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm Lauren, 19, bi, and demiromantic. I tend to reblog everyone else like a madwoman, and I occasionally write my own little original posts. I also have some of my art on here, so there's that too. As for the rest of my blog, it's just an explosion of random fandoms, fashion, things I think are hilarious, pretty things, or things that I think are important and need to be signal boosted. Soooo yes! Nice to meet ya!

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Eeeeeeee Skoll just came in the mail and I’m super excited! It looks beautiful and I got a little Isam too! I wasn’t even expecting that! ;U; Thank you Notation I can’t wait to read this!

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    Glad it got there safely! All the orders placed by Monday have shipped, and those placed since then will ship tomorrow....
  2. auramagnet said: Waaant. Must dig in couches for change. -shotdown- you’re lucky you’re in Flag or you’d need to keep them safe from me. TT-TT
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